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Space and the Architecture of Compassion

1 June 2017 - 6:00 pm23 June 2017 - 10:00 pm

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, in collaboration with Compassion Collective present the architecture exhibition “Space and the Architecture of Compassion”, curated by Prof. Solon Xenopoulos and based on an idea by Dr Efi Kyprianidou and Penny Monogiou. This is the first part of a series of art and research projects that examine the role of arts in the understanding of Illness, Empathy and Compassion curated by Compassion Collective in Athens.
Compassion Collective

Compasion Collective was founded in 2015 by a voluntary initiative of active citizens, artists and academics based in Hamburg and Athens. On the contrary,the project aims to offering an engagement with the phenomenology of being ill and in pain, based on the assumption that art can offer us a special kind of knowledge about what it is like to be in a given situation and help improving the patient’s position in society and particularly in times of extended economic crisis.

The exhibition at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

In the exhibition with the title “Space and the Ar- chitecture of Compassion” questions like the following, are addressed through drawings, sketches, models, videos, sounds and installations.

–    To what extend illness, pain and suffering are natural situations, against being culturally conditioned? How do different cultures em- body socially and spatially these conditions?
–    Can illness, pain and suffering be in certain cases liberating and creative?
–    How can the formal structure of built space reflect human condition?
–    How did the idea of “ygeia” develop in space historically?
–    How ancient Greek philosophy affected the spaces for healing?
–    How do different traditions conceive and comprehend illness, pain, suffering and heal- ing?
–    How are, esoteric bodily and psychic energy forces, exteriorized in art? ( theatre, perfor- mance, painting, dance, cinema ).
–    How does time affect the ways by which persons under extreme conditions conceive space?

Open Daily 18:00 – 22:00


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