Onassis Cultural Centre [Gallery Profile]


Where: Athens (107-109, Syngrou Ave)

In a few words:
The Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens is a cultural space which hosts events and actions across the whole spectrum of the arts from theatre, dance, music, cinema and the visual arts to digital and hybrid art and the written word.



Also known as Stegi Grammaton kai Technon (House of Literature and the Arts), the Onassis Cultural Centre showcases contemporary cultural expression, supports Greek artists, cultivates international collaborations, explores the boundaries between science, art and society, and promotes lifelong learning for people of all ages.



What you will see:
The Onassis Cultural Centre’s cutting-edge 18,000 sq. m. facilities include:

The Exhibition Hall:
A 700 sq. m. space on the Centre’s underground level specially designed for large scale exhibitions and other activities (usually at a small entrance fee).
ex. Brian Eno’s The Ship, a multimedia exhibition which was performed at the OCC’s Exhibition Hall in 2016.
The Barbican’s Digital Revolution exhibition, which travelled from London to the OCC in 2015.
The Barbican’s Science Fiction: A Journey into the Unknown exhibition which will travel from London to the OCC from 2017-2018.

The Main Stage:
An 880-seat amphitheatre, which is used for a range of large-scale events, from theatrical and dance performances, concerts and cinema screenings to lectures and concerts (best to book beforehand, but visitors may also enquire on site for events on the day of their visit).

The Upper stage:
A 220-seat auditorium which is used for smaller-scale theatrical, music and dance performances, presentations, cinema screenings and lectures (best to book beforehand).

Don’t forget to visit the roof-top restaurant, which offers panoramic views of Athens.



Opening hours:
Daily (Mon to Sun):
8:00am (morning) – 1:00am (after midnight)

Apart from full-priced tickets, which is needed to enter each special exhibition and which differs from event to event, the following options are also available for productions at the Onassis Cultural Centre:

  • Reduced tickets for €7 for selected productions.
  • Reduced tickets for the unemployed.
  • Reduced tickets for individuals with disability up to 5€ for all productions.
  • Significantly discounted tickets for groups: 5-9 individuals (small group) και 10+ (large group).
  • Reduced tickets for higher-education students.
  • Reduced tickets for people aged 65+.
  • Reduced tickets for groups of associations and institutions.
  • Reduced tickets for holders of the European Youth Card.
  • Reduced tickets for Greek residents performing mandatory army duty.
  • Reduced tickets for parents of three and more children.
  • Reduced tickets for the unemployed and their children (up to 17 years old).
  • Reduced tickets for disabled individuals and the individual accompanying them.

Official website: