From Selfie to Self-Expression at Saatchi


London’s Saatchi Gallery has been quietly holding a competition dedicated to our era’s preferred form of self-expression, the selfie. A panel of judges that included Juergen Teller, Tracey Emin, June Calypso, Idris Khan, and gallery CEO Nigel Hurst handpicked the best ones, which will go on display from 1 March – 30 May 2017 at the gallery as part of the exhibition From Selfie to Self-Expression.



Over 8,000 submissions from around the world were presented to the discerning panelists, out of which just nine finalists and one winner were chosen. Winner Dawn Woolley used a careful workaround in her piece The Substitute (Holiday), which features a man embracing a cut-out paper replica of Woolley.


Photo: Dawn Woolley


Photo: Gonzalez Patrick


Photo: Ola Walkow


View all entries at Saatchi Gallery’s website.

From Selfie to Self-Expression
Saatchi Gallery
1 March – 30 May 2017

[Source: Bullett]