Children’s Art Museum [Museum Profile]

Children’s Art Museum [Museum Profile]
Children’s Art Museum [Museum Profile]

Where: Athens (9 Kodrou St, Plaka)

In a few words:
The Museum of Children’s Art is one of very few museums worldwide that exhibits exclusively drawings and three dimensional artworks created by children 5 to 14 years old. It is addressed to children and adults, parents, teachers, artists, scientists, researchers and those interested in children’s art.


With the guidance of the educator in charge, 5-12 years old children have the possibility to experiment with various materials and drawing techniques during the 2-hour weekly art workshops which are run. There are also two-hour programmes run for families with children 2,5-4 years old inspired by collaborations, significant moments in the history of art or subjects related to holiday themes.
The Museum’s gift shop offers books, postcards, posters, art games and a variety of gifts featuring children’s art from its collections. The museum’s publications can also be used as educational material.



What you will see:
The museum’s collections are enriched annually and presently include 7.000 artworks. Among them are winning entries to countrywide children’s art contests launched by the museum, entries to international art exhibitions, participations in art workshops organized on its premises, drawings by children created during the Postwar period, toys made of scrap materials by children from Africa.
Drawing from its collections the museum renews its exhibits every other year, hosting each time a different theme.
Interactive corners are specially designed by the educational department of the museum, offering in a playful way a further acquaintance with the artworks on display with bilingual activities for visitors of all ages.
Each exhibition is enhanced by relative educational programmes for school groups addressed to pre-school children and primary school pupils, running at the Museum premises.



Extra info:

  • The Museum’s aim is to highlight the uniqueness of children’s art.
  • It offers the chance to get acquainted with art since childhood.
  • It is addressed to children and adults, parents, teachers, artists and scientists.
  • It offers outlets that an adult has deprived long and a child needs to experience every day.
  • It collaborates with Institutions, professionals and researchers with relevant interests.
  • The museum’s collections include 8,000 drawings and 3D artworks created by children, enriched each year.
  • It proposes an educational approach enriched by art created by children.
  • It contributes to the development of a young generation interested in culture.


Opening hours:
Monday: closed.
Tuesday-Saturday: 10.00 – 14.00
Sunday: 11.00 – 14.00
The Museum remains closed every Monday and on public holidays:
March 25th, May 1st, August 15th, October 28th, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Epiphany, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Clean Monday, Holy Spirit Day.
The Museum remains closed in summer from 30 July until 31 August.

Ticket prices (2017):
Full admission: 3 €
Free entrance for those obtaining license for free admission to museums.

Official website: