Float in a digital waterfall at TeamLab’s innovative exhibition


Go on an adventure of light and color at the Japanese digital art collective’s London show.



The first of the exhibit’s three rooms contains six works, though teamLab makes it incredibly challenging to identify what these individual works are. They aren’t six paintings on the wall, or six separate sculptures. Instead, these swirling, colorful digital pieces literally transcend the boundaries that usually divide works of art.

The second room contains only one work, the calmest and most meditative of the group, made all the more so by its isolation. Dark Waves simulates the movement of water in 3D.

Between the second and third rooms is a small room lit with blindingly white light. It’s a shock to the system, like emerging from warm water after an evening swim, and resets your eyes before entering the final piece.



teamLab: Transcending Boundaries will be exhibited at Pace London through March 11.

[Source: Pace London]