This Week’s TOP FIVE Museums News


1. A portrait of Tsar Nicholas II was discovered during the restoration of a full-size painting of the 1917 October Revolution leader Vladimir Lenin.

2. An original exhibition featuring cat-themed artworks from a range of well-known international comics creators and illustrators, will be held at Porto’s Boémia Caffe.
3. The Star Wars Identities exhibition has just opened at the O2, London. Featuring original costumes and props, the interactive exhibition celebrates 40 years of the Star Wars saga.
4. The Ulm Model exhibition is on view at Raven Row in London; focusing on the pioneering interdisciplinary Ulm School of Design in Southern Germany, which operated from 1953 to 1968, its clients included Lufthansa and Braun.
5. A VR exhibition curated by ICA Student Forum will be launched this Wednesday 7 Dec (free entrance).
The evening offers a discussion around VR tech for young artists and the chance to experiment with VR viewing devices.